Timothy Fry


Timothy is third generation of the Fry family involved in CVR. He oversees the day to day operations and finances of the company. Tim cares about the success and growth or the company as well as the customers and employees. He strives to help CVR operate efficiently and as wonderfully as possible every day.

Justin Lay

V.P. Customer Service

In the years that he has been with CVR, Justin has acquired a vast knowledge of the uniform industry. As VP of Service, he oversees all accounts to personally make sure each and every customer has the best experience with CVR. He takes pride in his work, so you know that he will always do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

Rebekah Williard

Embroidery Manager

Rebekah began working at CVR as an Image Apparel Manager in under the apprenticeship of Andrea Snoke. One of her favorite aspects of the job is working with customers to personalize their garments with a company, organization or school logo.

Ron Johns

Production Manager

Ron has been a loyal CVR Uniforms employee for 25 years and counting. As a senior Route Sales Driver, he has enjoyed working with some of CVR's marquee customers. In his role as Production Manager, Ron's awesome management and his exceptional people skills will be an asset for the future of the company.

Josh Borelli

Sales & Service Manager

Josh has been a member of the CVR family since 2019 and uses his degree in Organizational Development to help the company in a variety of aspects. His blended service/sales/marketing role provides him with a unique opportunity to interact with our customers on all levels. Using his background and experience, Josh seeks to align CVR's core values with the needs of our existing and prospective customers.

John Cressler

Route Service Representative

John is another one of our senior route service reps who takes pride in making sure all his customer's have the best interaction with him when during deliver and know that he is always available for anything they need. He loves knowing CVR is a small, family owned business that supports the community. At home John is a husband and father to a blended family with six children and is also an Air Force veteran.

Matt Conner

Route Service Representative

Matt has been with CVR for several years and always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face as he continues to impress on a daily basis. He loves spending time with customers while on his delivery route. At home he enjoys running and spending time with his two boys and dog.

Trey Dagenhart

Route Service Representative

Since becoming part of the CVR team, Trey has enjoyed interacting with our customers and ensuring they are well taken care of daily. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the customers’ needs are taken care of first and foremost. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, as well as watching football.

Tanner White

Route Service Representative

Tanner really enjoys working for a company that values family and life outside of work, and is understanding. When he is not at work, taking care of his customers, Tanner is busy volunteering at the local West End Fire and Rescue.