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CVR Uniforms participates in voluntary environmental reporting to help the government better understand our industry. In return, they help us make cleaner and greener decisions for our environment with the following actions:

  • 10%-25%

    reduction in gallons of water used per pound of textiles laundered (2.84 to 7.1 billion gal/yr.).


    reduction in energy consumption per pound of textiles laundered (3.13 to 7.82 billion BTU/yr).

  • 10%-25%

    substitution of environmentally beneficial washroom chemical formulations

    Significant reduction

    in pollutant equivalents discharged to sewers (20,000 lb. pollutant equivalents/yr.).

TRSA certifies that CVR Uniforms earned the Clean Green Certification that is valid from 8/2014-8/2017

TRSA Clean Green Certification recognizes companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation to protect the environment. The program acknowledges a textile service company’s continuing commitments to improving efficiencies in water and energy conservation and adoption of best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.