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Our Staff

CVR Uniforms is committed to your company image. Our highly capable staff will assess your needs, offer recommendations and work with you to find a solution that will meet your needs. We are always happy to meet with you one-on-one to see how we are doing.

  • Colby Fry


    As someone that oversees daily operations, I make sure the company runs like a well-oiled machine. Sales, service, and delivery are important components of our business. I enjoy the challenge of helping customers with unique apparel and safety requests, and like to talk about what works in different industries in the area. Once we had a large customer come to us with zero room for uniforms and lockers. Our retail space was adapted to allow their employees to drop off and pick up their uniforms on a weekly basis. It was a winning situation for both companies. We service around 500 people a week from that company through our storefront.

  • Andrea Snoke

    Embroidery Manager

    As embroidery manager, I assist customers with questions regarding garments and embroidery. I don’t see my work as work, but as more of an avenue of creative expression. I enjoy the process of meeting a customer, completing the order, inspecting and packing the garments for delivery. I ensure a positive experience for clients by giving them personal guidance through each step of the process.

  • Donald A. Fry

    Chairman of the Board

    My goal as chairman is to promote a vision of growth and to encourage the company to move forward, in addition to directing the board on company policies. I thrive on building relationships with employees and customers, giving support wherever I can. When we get a customer that has had a bad experience with another company it is my pleasure to assure them of and deliver on great a customer experience.

  • Timothy Fry

    Vice President of Sales

    I am responsible for growing our customer base by adding new clients and offering new services to existing ones. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing the CVR experience with them. When potential clients are talking to us, it is usually because they are having issues with their vendor. We have a different approach to uniforms that could address many of the pain points potential clients may be experiencing with another company.

  • Virginia Fry


    I founded Towne Cleaners with Andrew Fry in 1946. Through the years I have advised customers about materials, fabric quality, and how they can be cleaned or embroidered. Currently I serve as a staff advisor and help where it is needed. My favorite part of working at CVR is to inspect garments and make suggestions, using my knowledge and expertise to help the company guarantee a quality product.